The boiler has been in operation for 17 years, and the customer visits Devotion again

In September this year, the chairman of a new material company in Xi'an and his party visited Devotion Equipment. The leaders of Devotion warmly welcome customers and guided them to visit Devotion Equipment's intelligent manufacturing workshop and boiler production lines.



17 years of zero failure operation, the quality of DEVOTION is deeply rooted in the hearts of the customers.

In the process of adhesive processing, the heating of raw materials is inseparable from stable high-temperature steam, so the steam boiler is one of the important equipment of the adhesive production line. As a well-known domestic manufacturer of new adhesives and dry-mixed mortar, the company has a modern production line with an annual output of 32,000 tons of white latex and an annual output of 20,000 tons of dry-mixed mortar.

In 2005, the company cooperated with Devotion Boiler for the first time to purchase Devotion WNS series gas-fired steam boiler. The quality of the boiler is good, and the failure rate is extremely low. Devotion’s professional after-sales service maintains it regularly every year. Without a spare boiler, it has been running stably for 17 years without affecting production, and the customer is very satisfied.


▲ Devotion boiler that has been in operation for 17 years


The chairman personally visited and the two sides reached a second cooperation

During the development of Devotion, many customers have maintained long-term cooperation with Devotion. This new materials company is one of them.

The chairman of Devotion and the leader of the business machine department gave a comprehensive introduction to the products developed and upgraded by DEVOTION over the years, and brought customers to the production line to learn about the efforts made by DEVOTION in improving product technology and craftsmanship.

The chairman of the company was very satisfied, and reached another cooperation on the spot to purchase 2 sets of Devotion DSZQ series steam generators.



▲ DSZQ Series Steam Generator

1- Small in size and small in water storage capacity, it is a product exempt from supervisory inspection; no full-time fireman is required.

2- Gas saving: the unique flue gas waste heat recovery device saves about 5% of gas compared with ordinary steam generators;

3- Ultra-low nitrogen emission;

4- Adopt intelligent control, quick start and quick steam production.

5- Built-in steam-water separator, low steam moisture content;

6- Modular structure, which can automatically start and stop the operation module, truly achieve on-demand heating and no waste;

7- There is no need to set up a special boiler room, and it can be flexibly arranged in workshops, basements, etc., saving infrastructure costs.

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