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The building materials industry is an important material industry in China. Building materials products include building materials and products, non-metallic minerals and products, and new inorganic non-metallic materials, widely used in construction, military industry, environmental protection, high-tech industry and other fields. The autoclaved aerated concrete brick produced by high temperature and high pressure, steam curing and reaction has a lower density than ordinary cementitious materials, and has excellent fire resistance, fire protection, sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation and other unparalleled performance.
Do you have these problems?
Using coal-fired boilers, the boiler room is dirty and messy
Excessive emissions, there is a risk of fines
Operating costs are getting higher and higher
Waste steam is not recovered, waste heat is wasted

Program Introduction

Since most of the boilers in the building materials industry provide kinetic energy for the process, but the production processes are very different, here is an example of the production of aerated blocks, which are very common in building materials. In the steam curing production process of the aerated block, the boiler offers high-temperature steam for the autoclave, which can improve the strength and performance of the product.

Devotion Boiler has developed a number of technologies for the aerated concrete industry, such as combustion ultra-low nitrogen emission, condensate water recovery, and waste steam and waste heat utilization. The SZS water tube steam boiler and WNS condensing steam boiler have both high quality and high performance, which are suitable for building industry. Devotion service team fully respects the individual needs of each customer and formulates targeted heating solutions.


Aerated Building Materials Steam Curing Heating Solution 01

It is recommended to use WNS series steam boilers as steam-curing heating equipment for aerated building materials.

WNS series steam boilers are pressure-bearing design, with sufficient output, full wet back structure, beautiful and generous. This series boiler is equipped with external integrated fin-tube energy saver and external condenser. And it use frequency conversion water supply and control technology to ensure the condensation rate of water vapor in the flue gas.


Aerated Building Materials Steam Curing Heating Solution 02

It is recommended to use SZS series water tube steam boilers as steam-curing heating equipment for aerated building materials.

SZS series water tube steam boilers are commonly used boiler models for industrial steam supply at present, and steam quality is the biggest advantage of SZS boilers. This type of steam boiler adopts the "D" type energy-saving structure, which has extremely high combustion efficiency and no pollution.

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