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Development of education industry is related to the development of every industry in the country, and its level directly determines the level of social development. Talents are very important in the 21st century, and development of education is to guarantee the cultivation of national talents.
The influx of more and more students has brought challenges and pressures to the public infrastructure of schools. According to preliminary statistics, the national per capita energy consumption of college students is four times that of the national residents, which shows that there is a huge potential for energy conservation on campus. The school boiler heating system is mainly used for the heating and hot water use of the entire school. If you want to save energy in terms of thermal energy, this is inseparable from the hot water boiler.
Do you have these problems?
The boiler heats up slowly and the heating effect is poor
Excessive emissions, there is a risk of fines
Operating costs are getting higher and higher
Full-time personnel are required to guard

Program Introduction

Devotion has already cooperated with education industry institutions and organizations long ago, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, China University of Political Science and Law, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Educational institutions and organizations unique industry attributes determine the following characteristics of boilers: first is safety, the school has a dense flow of people, and safety issues are the top priority; second is stability, thousands of people’s washing, heating and catering issues require continuous and stable heating; the last is quietness, as students need a quiet and peaceful external environment for study and rest. The above factors have become the core reasons for the education industry to choose Devotion.

By sorting out and analyzing customer cases in the education industry that Devotion has cooperated with, in view of the future development trend of universities, Devotion Boiler recommends the following boiler types for you.


School Heating + Hot Water Solution


It is recommended to use WNS series hot water boilers as heating equipment for universities. 

WNS series hot water boilers are pressure-bearing design, with sufficient output, small footprint, short installation period, excellent environmental performance, safe and efficient, and fully automatic operation characteristics, which fully meet the timely heating needs of colleges and universities.


School Kitchen Steam Solution


It is recommended to use WNS series steam boilers as heating equipment for universities.

WNS series steam boilers are pressure-bearing design, with sufficient output, full wet back structure, beautiful and generous. This series boiler is equipped with external integrated fin-tube energy saver and external condenser. And it use frequency conversion water supply and control technology to ensure the condensation rate of water vapor in the flue gas.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Highly Fit Demand
    Devotion has plenty of user service experience and can accurately analyze user needs and give guidance according to actual situation.
  • Solution Customization
    Devotion expert team tailors the most suitable heating solutions for different industries and requirements.
  • Fast Delivery
    The covering area of 230 acres and over 800 sets of production equipment ensure quick response to orders and delivery within 1 to 3 months.
  • Considerate Service
    Devotion advocates "Service First" and provides pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services around the clock.
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