On May 25th, Gu Yonghua, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Jiangsu Special Inspection Institute, and a delegation visited Devotion to conduct research and guidance work. The chairman and general manager of Devotion( Changzhou) Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd Geng Shengbin, and other leaders warmly welcomed the arrival of all.


Mr. Geng warmly welcomed the delegation led by Mr. Gu from the Special Inspection Institute to visit the company's exhibition hall, and gave a detailed introduction to the company's development history, product types, qualifications and honors, partners, and other content. He focused on checking the Devotion Smart Energy IoT System.


After listening to Mr. Geng's introduction, Dean Gu affirmed the achievements of Devotion in the field of boiler heating over the years. He also hoped that as a leading domestic boiler manufacturing enterprise, Devotion could continue to promote innovation in boiler energy conservation, emission reduction, and carbon reduction technology, leading the healthy development of the industry.


Later, President Gu and his party went deep into the workshop to have a visual understanding of the company's production situation, visited the automatic welding production line of boilers and the quality control center, and observed the latest development of Devotion's variable frequency Steam engine and intelligent module units by our company and passed the national energy efficiency test in the Devotion Thermal Energy Engineering Laboratory, further understanding the innovative achievements of Devotion in clean energy and energy-saving heating technology.


After the visit, the leaders of both sides had a discussion and exchange on the research content. At the meeting, in response to the discussion topic of energy efficiency inspection and testing for boiler equipment, General Geng introduced the basic situation and main problems of energy utilization efficiency of industrial boilers to the attending research group, as well as effective measures and viewpoints of Devotion to improve boiler energy utilization efficiency. He shared Devotion energy saving, emission reduction, and carbon reduction technologies and future development trends.



The research team of the Provincial Special Inspection Institute fully affirmed the achievements of Devotion in scientific and technological innovation and transformation, and hopes to further deepen exchanges, strengthen cooperation between the two sides in the field of special equipment production, academia, research and application, jointly promote the docking of research institutions and industries, and assist in the high-quality development of the industry.

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