Steam Header

Steam header is the main supporting equipment of the boiler. It is used to distribute the steam generated by the boiler to various pipes. Its loading capacity should correspond to the supporting boiler. Devotion steam header is made of corrosion-resistant steel, and welded by automatic welding robot, which is safe and reliable, and the quality is guaranteed.

Nominal Diameter
150 - 500 mm
Matching Boiler Model
1 - 25 t/h
Available fuel:
Available industries:


Model FQG-150 FQG-200 FQG-250 FQG-300 FQG-350 FQG-400 FQG-450 FQG-500
DN mm 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500
Outside φD×Thickness mm φ159×6 φ219×7 φ273×8 φ325×8 φ377×10 φ426×10 φ470×10 φ520×10
Length mm 1630 1610 1887 2470 2739 3267 3295 3600
Net Weight kg 80 90 180 230 340 440 470 620
Steam Inlet & Outlet - one in/ three out one in/ three out one in/ three out one in/ four out one in/ four out one in/ five out one in/ five out one in/ five out
Matching Boiler t/h ≤1 1~3 3~5 5~8 8~11 11~15 15~20 20~25

Devotion can customize other special specifications and models according to user requirements.

Service Process

Project Design
According to different need, we provide different system transformation plans of boiler room and maximize the user's benefits.
Pre-sales Technical Support
Devotion makes detailed technical talk with users, optimizes the possible problems, and ensures the better implementation of the project.
Installation and Commissioning Guide
Devotion supports user on-site check according to the inspection list and arranges technical guide of installation and commissioning, and conducts technical training.
After-sales Service
After getting service notification, Devotion will respond quickly. If the e-mail or video communication is not helpful, a technician can be arranged to the site.

Customized Service

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Nominal Diameter:150 - 500 mm
Matching Boiler Model:1 - 25 t/h
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